Why would I want to work with a coach and horses?

On behalf of myself and my amazing equine partners, we want to personally invite you to the beautiful 35 acre ranch owned by STEPS Foundation. We are honored to be working out of this pristine facility with 14 beautiful rescued horses from Colorado Horse Rescue. 

I work personally with lots of different issues (listed below) that so many of us face in life that hold us back from being our best in any situation. Past issues can keep us from showing up fully at work, home, school, or our relationships. Because of past trauma, bullying, or other issues, it can make it difficult to deal with conflict and use our voice to deal with any situation appropriately .

The great news is that we all have the ability to reverse all the negative times into positive results in the present and future. With myself as your coach and my equine partner, who sees each of us as perfect and whole with complete compassion and unconditional love, we work together to show you your authentic self. We are not "damaged goods", "not good enough", "not worthy"', or any other story you may have been told. In the horses eyes we are perfect and whole. 

If you choose to come out and work with us we promise we will be there 100% and help you step into your future with confidence and ease. We are here to help you grow and have an extraordinary experience with the true healers, the horses, in a beautiful place. Why not give it a try


Welcome to our Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCMethod)

The EGCMethod is different than any other type of Equine Coaching you may have experienced or seen. With EGCM the horse is an active partner in the coaching and healing process. Using their combined wisdom and intuition, the EGCM coach and their equine partner will guide you through your experience. Working together, they will help you isolate the unfinished business that is causing you pain or blocking your path to success and happiness. Then, through experiential interaction they will assist you in clearing the energy that has been holding you back or keeping you from being your best self. 

These sessions include (but are not limited to )

  • Human Empowerment
  • Life Transitions
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Grief
  • End of life resolution
  • Victim recovery
  • Conflict resolution
  • Reinvention of self
  • Leadership Discovery
  • Assertive communication
  • Boundary setting

What people are saying about the coaching sessions:

"Deb has an amazing ability to hold space and help you find clarity. She is so grounded and up.   Thank you for providing this environment" Lindsay S. 

"Deb offers tremendous insight, sensitivity, and perspective in helping her clients process their work" Carolyn D. 

"Deb is so very present and makes me feel so safe like I am in a sanctuary or a cocoon. You really listen and I feel heard with compassion and love" Kai O.

"Debra has a soft, yet strong presence that invites her client to open and grow. It is such an honor to experience Debra partner with horses to heal others. "


For more information and pricing: Contact Debra Thomas @ 303-775-8117

or Debra@horsesmendinghearts.com