Welcome to STEPS Sanctuary

An Equine Assisted Learning Center


The STEPS Foundation is dedicated to providing our military Veterans a cutting edge Equine facilitated experience to help find peace and camaraderie after their military service. Our flagship one-day program is conducted on the 35 acre STEPS Ranch, where Veterans teach Veterans the freedom and joy of Natural Horsemanship. Our job is to match our Military heroes with our Equine heroes for a mutual experience of connection and renewed purpose.

There is no riding and all interactions with our gentle horses are in a safe and controlled environment.

Why Horses? Horses are masters at bringing us into the present moment. Our stories are our armor. Horses feel the armor and pierce it with compassion.  Fourteen of our nineteen handpicked horses were rescued from a variety of tough situations, just as our Veterans have survived the rigors of Combat.

STEPS Sanctuary provides this service for free to all Military Veterans. The success of our organization depends on Corporate and private sponsors to support the program and maintenance of the horses and facility. 




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