Welcome to Horses Mending Hearts

On behalf of Horses Mending Hearts and the horses we want to personally invite you to a weekend of healing with love, compassion, no judgement, in a beautiful facility working with amazing horses that see us as perfect and whole. These weekends are very powerful and provide a very safe place to drop all of our armor and just be ourselves. If you are ready to let go of past stories and trauma, this is the place to be. 

Horses Mending Hearts offer individuals, typically in a group setting, continued support and healing from past traumas. It is a healing program for both the individual and the horse. The participants engage in a playful but powerful journey of learning awareness skills, setting clear and assertive boundaries in any situation, and finally learning core confidence skills for everyday living. This is an empowerment program that changes lives. Having the opportunity to work horses that have also experienced abuse, abandonment, and neglect, creates a very special bond with the people going through the program. 

What people are saying about the program:

" The program was beyond my imagination. I do not have a horsey background and had no idea what to expect. The facilitators lead the group with warmth, honesty, and passion. Both for the process and the animals- this is simply rare. The invitation to re-wire the hardening, stifling effects of trauma and drive through the practical and physical assertiveness exercises as well as the more sublime and powerful experience of observing and being up close and personal with horse interaction, led each member of the group to new awareness and a sense of inner power and hope. Thank you for the opportunity."

Susan G.

"I had no idea what to expect going into this. What I was able to learn about horses and myself (stop denying about myself) was so amazing. Your openness, honesty, and expertise in this area created a safe and caring and healing environment. So many will benefit when they too can experience this workshop, and you. The gift of you and the gift of the horses."

Mary S.

" What an amazing weekend. It is so great to integrate ideas of personal power and healing with the majestic calming presence of horses. The atmosphere was amazingly compassionate, safe, and accepting. This workshop is helpful to anyone, no matter where they are on their journey of healing from trauma"

Lynn D.



Dates for the weekend programs: July 8-10, Aug. 5-7, Sept. 9-11, Oct. 7-9

Pricing: $499.00 per person

Contact: Debra 303-775-8117 or Debra@horsesmendinghearts.com