Join The Team: Join us for a one day program where we experience how horses and humans are deeply connected. 

Why Horses? Horses are masters at bringing us into the present moment. Our stories are our armor. Horses feel the armor and pierce it with compassion.

We Are:

  • A program run by Warriors for Warriors. 
  • A place for Warriors to be honored and accepted 
  • Striving to create a non-judgment & shame free environment
  • Seeking sanctuary through horses & nature

 We Are Not: 

  • About "Fixing" broken Veterans 
  • About talk therapy
  • About trauma or drama
  • About riding horses

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man"

Winston Churchill

What Veterans are saying about Our program:

" I've learned that horses are always on alert for friend or foe. If they sense you are a friend they will connect. Within this connection I learned to trust again"


" The staff was very successful in creating an environment where the individual was able to really connect with the horse assigned to them. Incredible!" 

Sue R., Air Force

" Best Therapy on the planet".  

Jim H., Air Force

Dates for the one day programs: 

July 23rd; Aug. 13th; September 17th; October 1st

Price: $50.00 donation per participant-OPTIONAL (full price is $478.00- the balance is covered by donations) 

Each course is limited to 8 participants

Contact: or call 720-256-3898